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Snapshot Poll

Friends, Subscribers and Serendipitous Blog Readers,

Lend me your precious time. I write here not to add a new post, but to create a poll.

The evil that is found in my blog usually linger in your minds.

The good that I do is oft inferred with your comments

So let it be with this blog as well.

– A very WordPressy Antony, from Julius Caesar (original script here)

I would like to hover your mouse over the words “original script here” in the previous line. In a few seconds, you can see a preview of the site it is linking to. This is generated by Snapshots, a package that comes along with WordPress.com. I have a feeling that it might be annoying to some.But then again, I feel some people may actually like the feature. As a blog writer, this is of no use to me, but it would help for me to know what the people who read my blog think about it.

In the words of AB Jr, I thought “Junta se pooch lete hain


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