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“So where are you from”
“Which part of Chennai”
“(Area in Chennai)”
“Which company do you work for”
“(company name)”
“That’s nice.”

The lady who just had this conversation with me was all smiles. I couldn’t understand what part of it pleased her so much. My mom, standing next to me, was beaming with joy.

Cut to a few minutes ago, my mom and I were shopping happily in a nice shop biding time for a movie. As I went to the cash counter to pay up, she tugs my elbow and introduces me to an old gentleman and his wife.

The man is apparently my dad’s doctor. Yes, my dad’s doctor. As usual, he’s ‘heard all about me’ and is ‘pleased to meet me’. Then the spotlight is taken over by his wife who after few innocuous questions, gets straight to chase, the third degree.

The conversation above.

After the conversation is over, we leave; the two ladies looking at each other like two girls who just found a new place to hide their dolls.

When we step out I tell my mom to stop grinning and tell what’s she so happy about. “That lady, the doctor’s wife, who just spoke to you; they have a marriageable daughter”

Then reality sinks in. I realised that I had just been ‘checked out’ by some Maami I had never before met in my life! She was asking me personal questions that I would never have divulged to anybody. And she did so boldly, without informing me of her intent, also slyly taking advantage of the ‘your-dad-is-a-patient-of-my-husband’ factor. Added to that she asked me all the questions. Not my mom. She probably wanted to know what I sounded like. I wonder what stopped her from asking me what my bank balance was, how many girl friends I had, what car I drove, whether I had a spare copy of my horoscope in my wallet?! (I’m sure mom would have flashed it out of her purse in a jiffy)

Was I disgusted, ashamed, embarrassed? Yes all of that, but above all I was annoyed .. annoyed that my mom didn’t let me in on the game sooner.

I’d have sucked my tummy in.


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