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The star cluster below is a very famous one in mythology. There are different myths about how the came to be in various folklore.

Popular legend has it that they were the seven daughters of Atlas and Pleione.Orion met the mother and her 7 daughters in a forest and chased them everywhere. Zeus stepped him by transforming them into doves and setting them among the stars. It is said that one of the stars is not visible to the naked eye. According to one of the legends, distressed at the destruction of Troy, one of the sisters, Electra, veiled her face, abandoned her sisters and is supposedly only visible as a comet.

Irony: This cluster is called Kartikeya (literally, Son of the Kritikas) in Hindu folklore. The six stars represent the six mothers of Lord Kartikeya, who developed one face for each one of them.


In 1953, 5 companies in Japan came together to form one big company called Fuji Heavy Industries. The company found the star cluster depicted above to be representative of their merging and put the star cluster in their logo as is. The cluster is the shown below.

The company has also used the Japanese name for the star cluster for its automobile manufacturing division, and uses the same logo.

Look familiar? What is it (i.e. the name of the car division line which has the same logo?)thanks 3ps

P.S. – Yes / No would not qualify as an answer, wisecracks

Difficulty – Tough (if you are in India / not a car freak)

Googling – Um, if you have to

Comments – Moderated

Special Thanks – Harshad – who pointed out that the constellation being referenced was actually a star cluster – the constellation is Taurus.

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A Wednesday

Leaflet soon to be issued on all Major Airlines across the world.

Welcome to India. India, a culturally diverse country where all major religions live together peacefully and harmlessly, while killing innocent people for leisure. A country rich in heritage, whose monuments are desicrated by gentlemen who want to make a statement they haven’t decided on yet. A country where the import and export of RDX is at par with the best in the world. A country with the largest population in the world, who do not believe in population control by using a condom. When the population blows out of proportion, it actually does!

Traveling to India? Follow these tips to ensure that you have a wonderful time in the sub-continent.

– Passport – You’ll need it to prove that you are an Indian and therefore not worth taking as a hostage. If you’re an American / Britisher it would make good sense to invest money in getting a fake passport as soon as you land in any city in India. A spray on tan wouldn’t be a bad idea.

– Armor Resistant Inner Garments – Very much like winter innerwear. In the case of the latter, you’d be using it to keep the cold out. In the case of the former, you’d be using it to keep your life in.

– Podcast of “Teach yourself Jujitsu in 15 minutes

– High resolution camera phone with unlimited video recording capability. You never know how much you can make by selling terrorist videos to news channels.

– If you think you have pretty / handsome features, you should carry a knife. Kindly understand that this is not as a reactionary measure, but as precautionary step. In the event of emergency, please open your bag, take out your knife, point the blade towards your face and cut diagonally across. This should ensure that no terrorist gentlemen will think you are pretty important, because

a. Your face would become unrecognizable with all the blood, and (more importantly)

b. You’re would have successfully demonstrated that you are crazier than the terrorist gentlemen

– A nice book. These hostage situations can sometimes go on forever. What better time to catch up on some nice reading?

– Wear a T-shirt with a small bulls-eye painted over it. This would make it easier for the terrorist gentlemen to dispatch you without an inconvenient delay.

– Ensure that your pocket/purse always has a few small tomato ketchup sachets. Using one of these, if you are not fortunate enough to be shot at, could bag you an interview with any of the news channels.

– Start referring to your friends and relatives as 121,24,43,etc. Because that is what the news channels call them anyway.

– Ensure that your will and insurance are ready everytime you leave your house. It might be useful to check if the beneficiaries of both are not already dead in the latest attacks.

Enjoy your stay! Thank you flying with us, and if you do manage to make it out back alive, we look forward to serving you again.

If you haven’t got it yet, this post is dripping in sarcasm. On 26th Nov, terrorits took charge of Mumbai hotels and opened fire on innocent civilians at Railway stations. My boss in Mumbai told me, “Yeh tho hotha rehtha hai Mumbai mein. Ab hum kya kar sakthe hain?” The terrorists have ensured that they have made a complete mockery of the fabric of society. They have demonstrated that the human life is no more sacred than a misguided ideal floating around in their head. To the hour, a hundred innocent people have laid down their lives for .. what? their country? their family? someone’s idealogy? Truth be told, their lives and the dreams have suddenly stopped for – nothing.

My dear sister told me that someone she knew who was working at the restaurant of the Trident, Mumbai was shot dead by the terrorists as they entered the building.

Two years ago, we were hoping that my sister should be posted as the restaurant manager of the Trident in Mumbai.

Posted by #24.

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Name Game

This post is for you. You the reader of my blog and the reason its there. You’re gonna love whats ahead.

This post is dedicated to all friend and family who have stopped by my post. Consider this is my special way of saying thanks.

Important Tip: Select the white area below headings to reveal the unanagrammed version. If that’s too tough, press – Cntrl + A right now!

Upbeat brandy chum

A.B. Chandu met Ruby P.

(sorta like when Harry met Sally) I wish I could get an S in there after chum

Able pals u think!

The Bankupallis

both of them!

I use rants

Sister Anu

how perfect is that?

A skirt among ya!

Sagarika Monty

would be a good one for her office – the other anagrams were unprintable!

“Naya padna ree!”

Deepa Narayan

she IS learning something new!

Oman breath him

Mohan Athimber

My Athimber who is in Oman right now!

I am a harm

Hari Mama

As my cousins would prefer to call my dad : )

Bummer, I’m an Amma, Sire!

Mrs. Meera, Main Mumbai

She just became a mom : ) and her house is in South Mumbai which, for the sake of this anagram has become the main part of Mumbai : )

Guardian Poet .. FBI!

Febo / Aditi, Nagpur

Anagrams never lie, so I guess she’s got a career path that even she doesn’t know yet

Lo! Snaking Devil

Venkilla’s Doing

Nuff Said!

She writes help files

Fish! Well, she’s Preeti

Self explanatory in every sense of every word : )

Anagram Winner!

Acha baba! Skinny Homer?

Abhishek Narayan, B.Com

The dude, my cousin is a B.Com. stays in Mumbai, is real Skinny and can do a fantastic Homer impression!

Special thanks to Anu Garg who is the owner of this site. While all the anagrams above are my own, the site helped point me in the right direction.

Also thanks to 3p, who came up with some stunning ones herself, which I am sure we can put to devastating use <wicked grin>

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Riddle Me This #3

This word comes from the Latin words for bench and to break.

In Mediveal Italy, moneylenders conducted business while sitting on benches in the marketplace. If they lost their money, their benches were broken, figuratively speaking.

What’s the good word?


Status: Relevant

Websearch: Banned

Comments: Moderated (to give everyone a fair chance)

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Riddle Me This #2

His name in Arabic means “blessed by God”, in Japanese it means “a small shore” and he won the Grammy for the CD version of his book “Dreams from My Father” in 2006.

Who’s the dude?

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Riddle Me This #1

According to the short story, this is defined as a precise figure defining the comfort/humanity/fellow feeling required between any pair of people for love to survive. If this is zero, then love is dead.

What is it?

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Words of Great Wisdom

“The S and the D keys are next to each other on the keyboard.”


Gary: bangalore sux

i hate traffic here

me: you have to drive a lot kya?

Gary: haan yaar

aaj kal kabhi kabhi cab hi mangwaa leta hoon

me: how many kilometers from your office to home?

Gary: 5 kms

me: how much time?

Gary: 40 mins

me: dude

are you kissing me?



Gary: what the hell
im straightttttttttttttttttttttttttt

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