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Hello World

This blog is the upgraded version of my earlier blog. It’s NEW, got SPARKLING BLUE CRYSTALS, has DTFI with a 4.5 star rating, has a special 30% DISCOUNT, makes you FAIRER in just 2 DAYS, and most importantly is endorsed by a scantily clad MALAIKA ARORA.

Now that I have your attention, I think I might say something important and profound.

I think I’ll say 42

I think I said too much!

This blog takes up from where The Life of A KS left off. You’ll find nice titbits of life as I see it, and from what I have heard, it isn’t really all that much. But I’m sure its nice to read about someone more crazier than you every once in a while.

Stay off the calories and stay on the comments people!

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